Late night project….



The Paint Room …. saves me again! A can of TOP COAT over newly painted counters. 

AND look!  Shiny, durable and in only one evening…. Kitchen is ready to host a party lookin` very pretty!

Look what happens on a snow day….

woooff, woooff, WOOOFF,  it’s me ~ jack,  I bet you all have been wondering where I have been.   Well, actually I have been busy being a puppy.  You know, eating, playing, napping, eating, playing, napping at doggy daycare.   But today it’s storming mom’s home and I am excited to roll in snow….     oh no it’s rain, guess it will be another nap.

Change of plans mom says I need a haircut and bath!  How is a guy suppose to stay warm, is she kidding?

She was serious…   Now, I’m a little thinner but, just as cute 😉