Custom Services

The Nobleboro Antique Exchange takes pride in being the home of Maine’s first onsite Restoration Center.

Personal attention is what you’ll receive from each small business owner proud of their skills.  Whether repairing a family item passed down from generations or creating a custom designed piece for future generations we have the best talent the Midcoast offers.

“We have built our reputation on happy customers”…

Lisa Bottero, owner ~ Nobleboro Antique Exchange


Services include:

  • Art & Frame Restoration

        Fogg Art, (207) 882-9805 |  
  • Custom Paint Services

         The Milk Shed, 207.380.3379 |
  • Seamstress – Repair & Alterations

    Seams Right, (207) 586-6622 |  

  • Sewing & Upholstery      

  • Lori’s Sewing and Upholstery, (207) 687-6089 |

Please visit the calendar page or call ahead to inquire about the schedule of individual professionals.

Where do you go…to repair a broken chair…
clean your grandmother’s painting…
or reupholster the seats of your vintage car?

Fogg Art

Teresa Fogg

Seams Right

Mattie Welch

Lori’s Sewing and Upholstery

The Milk Shed

Is almost here and what a welcome addition Erica is the Interior’s Ctr.